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And we’re back!

Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve taken the trouble had the time to update my presence here on Tumlbr. Part of it is a dilemma of what to post.

My Facebook page, I populate with mostly personal stuff: social life, music gigs and the rest. I used to post more political, more accurately public policy, items, but getting trolled by my pals that don’t share my POV. It usually ended up like an ugly fist fight on my front lawn, so I’ve given up trying that for the most part.

My Twitter account, when I’m not following a #hashtag game (my favorite this week was #PalinTVShows), has turned into my political rant safety valve. That’s where it feels a bit safer to go polemic without so much blowback, which tells me that either my followers tacitly agree, or just don’t give a shit.

So that brings us back to Tumblr.  Could go professional (some of my graphic design work) avocational (my music gigs) or lazy (reposting arcane memes from around the interwebs.)

So stay tuned…I’ll land on something.

Spring Fever - Ron Amok style

Two things about me have always been true. My love for design (I can remember drawing from very early in my life, what I din’t realize as a kid was that much of what I was drawn to was logos and such) and my love for sports (even when I was a pre-schooler, my dad would let me have the sports section before he read it.) With this framework, I’ve always had a fascination with sports logo and uniform design.

With February grinding to a halt and pitchers and catchers reporting in Florida and Arizona, naturally my mind wanders to baseball, and also what the teams might look like. Since I was a kid, many of those drawings were re-designs of major league baseball uniforms. Though those originals don’t survive, the desire to rebrand or tweak a team’s look is something that’s still strong.

Thanks to the internet, I’ve discovered that I am SO not alone in this fascination. There are a plethora of sites dedicated to chronicling graphic design trendsin sports. Among the best are Chris Creamer’s and UniWatch Blog. What is also a treat is that they encourage armchair designers such as myself to get in the game.

Here are a few designs I submitted to UniWatch Blog for their consideration. Enjoy!

Milwaukee Brewers - Milwaukee mashup

Taking the best from a couple different eras. Today’s color scheme and lettering and combining it with the pinstripes and the iconic “glove and ball mb” logo.



Oakland A’s - Billyball Redux

Again a nod to other eras combined in a single design. This was inspired by the gold home alt jerseys the A’s broke out in 2011. Also the road cap is a nod to the batting helmet the team used int he late ’60s and early ’70s




Last but not least, my hometown Chicago Cubs.

I wouldn’t dare touch the home unis (classic, in a category with the Yankees, Tigers and Red Sox), but I tweaked the road uni to play up the strolling Cub in the block “C”

Ahhhhhh. Spring can’t come fast enough! Batter up!

A snippet of one of the perks of my job. Back seat driving in a helicopter over some glorious farmland.


Probably when my parents tried to explain why we were moving when I was three. THey said “Our family’s getting too big for this house.” My interpretation as a toddler was assuming that my two older brothers were now hitting their heads on ceilings and doorways.