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Spring Fever - Ron Amok style

Two things about me have always been true. My love for design (I can remember drawing from very early in my life, what I din’t realize as a kid was that much of what I was drawn to was logos and such) and my love for sports (even when I was a pre-schooler, my dad would let me have the sports section before he read it.) With this framework, I’ve always had a fascination with sports logo and uniform design.

With February grinding to a halt and pitchers and catchers reporting in Florida and Arizona, naturally my mind wanders to baseball, and also what the teams might look like. Since I was a kid, many of those drawings were re-designs of major league baseball uniforms. Though those originals don’t survive, the desire to rebrand or tweak a team’s look is something that’s still strong.

Thanks to the internet, I’ve discovered that I am SO not alone in this fascination. There are a plethora of sites dedicated to chronicling graphic design trendsin sports. Among the best are Chris Creamer’s¬†and UniWatch Blog. What is also a treat is that they encourage armchair designers such as myself to get in the game.

Here are a few designs I submitted to UniWatch Blog for their consideration. Enjoy!

Milwaukee Brewers - Milwaukee mashup

Taking the best from a couple different eras. Today’s color scheme and lettering and combining it with the pinstripes and the iconic “glove and ball mb” logo.



Oakland A’s - Billyball Redux

Again a nod to other eras combined in a single design. This was inspired by the gold home alt jerseys the A’s broke out in 2011. Also the road cap is a nod to the batting helmet the team used int he late ’60s and early ’70s




Last but not least, my hometown Chicago Cubs.

I wouldn’t dare touch the home unis (classic, in a category with the Yankees, Tigers and Red Sox), but I tweaked the road uni to play up the strolling Cub in the block “C”

Ahhhhhh. Spring can’t come fast enough! Batter up!